Breathing is the tool to start living from your soul self.


Through the conscious breath you will let go of the games you are playing. This breath will re-establish the connection with your Soul Self.


It is truly marvelous.



The Breathing Club provides you the possibility to breathe with other beings, from soul to soul. Each participant gets in contact with her or his soul self, using the soul breath. Then you make connection with the other soul(s) that are breathing.


What happens then is up to you. Play with it and see for your Self. 


(You can visit this website, to get inspiration on using the soul breath.)



How does it work?


very simple of course;

you put your self on The Breathing Club list, and when you feel like breathing, you just send out a message to the other participants and wait for one or more members to react, so you can start breathing together.



Where do you breathe?



You can use the Video chat below.

this also works easy:

- To enter you simply fill in the password: soul

- Once inside, you can change your name from 'guest type' to any name you like, by right-clicking your mouse on 'guest type' in the right screen; this allows you to change your profile ('wijzig je profiel / change your profile').



You can contact each other through any messenger system you feel comfortable with (for exemple msn or yahoo)



How to get started?


Just send us an email and you are ready to go: simon at nieuweenergie . nl




Enjoy your breathing!







For any questions or remarks you can contact me (Simon) here .







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